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Today 6 Eastern Screech-Owls Adopted Me

This will be short, but it's definitely worth a share. I have a family of 6 (!!) Eastern Screech-Owls living in my back yard here in Austin, TX. I've noticed my patio has been used for some type of bird's "target practice," and today I cracked the case. I stepped outside, randomly looked up, and there I saw 5 fledglings huddled near one another and a parent keeping watch on another branch.

I NEEDED to post about this only because I love birds, and owls are such majestic ones. These screech-owls are so small (about the size of a robin), very curious, and a total joy to watch.

I'll stop talking and start sharing some photos!

owl, eastern screech-owl, fledglings
Here's either the mom or the pop - they're on a separate branch from the 5 fledglings.

And here's a video so you can better understand how stinkin' cute and curious these babies are.

That's all from me for now - I have several posts in the works coming up, so stay tuned!

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