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Hi there! I'm Sarah, and I absolutely love experiencing new places and exploring outside. I truly can't get enough of it. Every single day I daydream about hiking, exploring, or adventuring somewhere in the southwestern US, so I decided to dive in and start this blog so I could share some passion with you all.


Thanks for joining me here - I hope I can be a source of knowledge and inspiration for you in your trip, adventure, and experience planning. I love to hike, eat, and explore my way through the spots I visit. I easily fall in love with places I get to know, and you won't have to ask me twice to talk about them!

My goal is to share my passion for my beloved areas, new and old, and make this a space for community interaction. Feel free to reach out to me or join the email list to stay connected!

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Your Local Guide to Hidden Gems throughout the Southwestern USA

Join us for regular updates!

Thanks for Joining Us!

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